Top 5 Countries Suffering from COVID-19

Top 5 Countries Suffering from COVID-19

Top 5 Countries Suffering from COVID-19

Covid-19, or covid, stands for Covalent Viral Infection of D19, and it is contracted when one has sexual contact with another individual with the virus in their body. The virus itself was discovered in 2018 and has already caused more than 4 million deaths worldwide so far. However, many countries suffer from this horrible infection more than others, with large portions of the population dying of covid every day. Here are the top 5 countries suffering from covid-19 today

1) The US

Since May, thousands of US citizens have been infected with COVID-19. Although other countries are suffering from similar outbreaks, one country has a higher percentage of COVID-19 infections than any other: The United States. As of June 16th, 11 out of every 100 Americans have contracted some virus strain. That equates to about 1 million people! This outbreak is remarkable for its size and scope and its speed — over half a million people contracted it in under two months. Right now, though, we don’t know precisely how or where most infections occur.

2) Canada

CTVT was initially isolated in 1953 from a dog in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and later recovered by Dr. Urquhart’s team through studies performed between 1988 and 1991 using archived blood samples. In 1993, an outbreak of canine T cell lymphotropic virus type 1 was documented at veterinary diagnostic laboratories in Canada, with as many as 100% of dogs screened testing positive for exposure to CTVT. These results indicate that CTVT has been endemic for several decades in North America. The number of infected dogs has increased over time due to spread within canine populations; however, there is no evidence that pet dogs are a source of infection for human people.

3) Australia

In 2013, more than 6 million people in Australia came down with covid-19, an outbreak that has been described as catastrophic. While thankfully there have been no fatalities linked to covid-19 so far, many victims were left with permanent damage. No one is sure how Australia got infected by covid-19, though international travelers are considered likely transmission sources. If you’re traveling to Australia or another covid-19 country (see below), it’s advisable to stay on guard for symptoms of COVID and follow a high standard of hygiene. Hospitals are well equipped to handle covid patients and can provide advanced care.

4) the UK

As of June 2nd, 2017, at least 4 people have died due to contracting Covid 19 in Britain. Public Health England and several other agencies have worked tirelessly to discover who is spreading Covid 19. The case count is at 81 as of June 8th, up nearly 100% from last week when it was only reported to be at 41. While not everyone who contracted Covid 19 has died, most doctors expect all but a few infected persons will die within a few days. Due to no natural cure yet, health officials are trying to determine how best to protect their citizens.

5) France

The French government has been criticized for many reasons, but it has been charged for its poor handling of COVID-19. Since 2015, France has seen 20 epidemics and over 1,000 cases reported. Only two years later, in 2017, nearly 30 epidemics were reported with thousands more patients. The problem? The French government took steps to ban genetically modified crops in 2002 because they wanted France to be recognized as a leader in environmental awareness. Because of that decision and their lack of handling measures against COVID-19 (specifically relocating contaminated farmland), France has suffered dearly for its mistakes. One such example was when a farmer let his pigs run loose after illegally butchering them without proper precautions to avoid cross-contamination from humans.